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Frequently Asked

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Culture, Heritage and Environment Questions

  • Will the existing dune system between the proposed resort and the beach be lowered?

    • No. The dune system and beach adjacent to the proposed resort forms part of the Jurabi Coastal Park and is jointly managed by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and the Shire of Exmouth.

  • Where will the resort source its water from?

    • Tattarang is working with the Department of Water and Environment Regulation to access a nearby bore field and install new bores. Pending water quality test results and environmental approval processes, the water will be treated through a reverse osmosis unit that will be seamlessly incorporated within the redevelopment.

  • What effect will the Ningaloo Lighthouse Resort have on turtle nesting habitats in the area?

    • The turtle nesting habitats in the area are located outside the boundaries of the proposed site. As such, the development will have no direct physical impact on nesting habitats.

  • Will lights from the Ningaloo Lighthouse Resort confuse turtles that traditionally nest in the area?

    • Tattarang is working with specialist environmental consultants to ensure the lighting design for the Ningaloo Lighthouse Resort does not impact nesting turtle habitats. Guidelines that have been developed to alleviate light pollution and preserve the dark night sky are being used to inform this work.

  • Will extra tourists in the area have a detrimental effect on turtle nesting?

    • No. The resort will not result in an increase to the overnight visitor numbers that already utilise the Ningaloo Lighthouse Holiday Park. Therefore, there will be no increase in direct human pressures on nesting turtle habitats.

  • Has any consideration been given to the area’s Aboriginal heritage and cultural sensitivities?

    • Yes. The project team has developed a Cultural Heritage Management Plan to ensure Baiyungu, Yinikurtura and Thalanyji heritage in the area is respected and retained. As with any new development, the proposal will need to comply with the requirements of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 before approval is granted.

  • What will happen to the heritage listed Vlamingh Head Lighthouse Keepers’ Quarters?

    • The Lighthouse Keepers’ Quarters will be restored and maintained as an integral part of the resort offering, ensuring its ongoing use and enjoyment by the community. The small grave located near the proposed resort will also be retained.

Local Content Questions

  • Will there be jobs for local people?

    • Yes. A local workforce will be prioritised. Tattarang wants as many jobs as possible to be filled by people who live in Exmouth or surrounding areas. This project is expected to create about 120 jobs during construction and hundreds of new direct and indirect jobs will be required for ongoing operations.

  • How can local businesses and suppliers get involved?

    • Tattarang will partner with Exmouth businesses and suppliers wherever possible as part of the project.

  • What is the redevelopment project worth to the Exmouth community?

    • An economic impact report predicts the development will create more than 120 local jobs during the construction phase and contribute almost $18 million to Exmouth’s economy. Once operational, it is anticipated the resort will bring more than $30 million of income to Exmouth ever year and create hundreds of new direct and indirect jobs.

Access Questions

  • Will Yardie Creek Road close during construction?

    • No. During construction and operation, Yardie Creek Road will remain open and accessible to the public.

  • Will Yardie Creek Road be realigned as part of this development?

    • The proposed road realignment is an important improvement for the safety of visitors to the area. Advice on world’s best practice is, where possible, to avoid road crossings between tourist accommodation and visitor attractions to mitigate the risk of vehicle and pedestrian interaction. The realignment of Yardie Creek Road will provide this safety improvement while still enabling public access throughout the area.

  • Who is paying for the new road?

    • In June 2020, $6 million was committed toward this public infrastructure by the federal and WA governments. The public road project was recognised by the Exmouth Shire and state and federal governments as an important, shovel-ready project that could be quickly commenced to help kickstart the economy and create construction jobs in the wake of the COVID pandemic. Planning work, including design, is currently underway. The realignment of the road is subject to separate approval processes and timeframes.

  • Will public access to the coast adjacent to the property be restricted?

    • No. The public will retain full access to the beach and coast.

  • Will there be a private beach only for guests?

    • No. The coastline near the property will be accessible for everyone.

  • Will the Exmouth community be able to use the facilities once complete?

    • Yes, the community will be welcome to use facilities at the resort. More details will be made available in time.

  • How much will it cost to stay at the new resort?

    • The Ningaloo Lighthouse Resort will suit many budgets and traveller types. With a family-friendly, self-contained village atmosphere, guests will be able to choose from a mix of accommodation options, including eco tents, villas, caravan park bays and hotel rooms.

  • Are there any future proposals to install maritime infrastructure in front of the proposed resort?

    • No. Exmouth has three boat launching and jetty facilities: the Exmouth Boat Harbour, Bundegi Boat Ramp and Tantabiddi Boat Ramp.

Amenity Questions

  • Will the project see high-rise buildings on the Ningaloo Coast?

    • No. The buildings will be carefully designed to blend in seamlessly with the unique landscape and character of the Vlamingh Head precinct and guided by a visual landscape impact assessment. Tattarang is committed to retaining the semi-remote visitor experience that Ningaloo is famous for. Final design will be included in the development application and subject to a public consultation period in 2021.

  • Will the new resort see Exmouth and the Ningaloo Coast inundated by tourists?

    • No. The proposal does not add significantly to existing tourism and recreation development along the Ningaloo Coast, as it will facilitate the redevelopment of the existing caravan park only.

  • What is the Ningaloo Lighthouse Resort’s commitment to sustainability?

    • Tattarang is dedicated to the preservation of the Ningaloo Coast’s natural environment and will utilise renewable energy to reduce the Ningaloo Lighthouse Resort’s carbon footprint. Initiatives being considered include:

      • Solar panel installation and battery storage
      • Wind power
      • Bio digester for organic waste, diverting more than 60 tonnes of food waste from landfill every year and generating 10 tonnes of fertiliser to be used onsite
      • On-site wastewater recycling
      • Reduce the production of waste
  • Will I still be able to book a caravan site at the new resort?

    • Yes, 62 caravan sites and 28 eco-tents are planned for the new Ningaloo Lighthouse Resort.

  • I usually stay at the Lighthouse every year, where do I stay when it is closed?

    • The local experts at the Ningaloo Visitor Centre can advise alternate accommodation in the area whilst the property is closed.
      +61 8 9949 3070

Tattarang and the Minderoo Foundation Questions

  • Is the Lighthouse project linked to the marine research hub at the Ningaloo Centre?

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